10 Thoughts to Think About!

By  2nd July 2014

Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful and rare sunshine that we are experiencing lately! Oh how the Great British weather surprises us!

We all have those days when we feel deflated and totally unimpressed with life. If you are nodding your head, don’t worry, we all feel like this sometimes! We also all know the feeling when things are just not going our way and we are close to giving up. Because I know that these are such horrible feelings, I thought of 10 things that might just inspire and cheer you up….

1.  You are one in a million! There is no one else like you on this planet and this means you are completely individual. Everyone is so special in their own way, including you, so you better believe it!

2.  No matter how bad things seem, they will always get better.  Bad things happen to all of us, (and I am not belittling your problems), but our problems may seem awful in the moment, but in the light of day, may not be as bad as we first thought. Even so, they will soon be solved!

3.  Many people on Earth love you very much. Sometimes, (and trust me, I have experienced this many a times), we can feel lonely, and  that no one cares. I can tell you now, that they do! So many people love you and care about you, but humans, often have a funny way of showing it.

4.  There is always a way, no matter what anyone tells you. My all time favourite quote was said by Audrey Hepburn: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!” The 1950s super star is right, don’t listen to other people’s negativity, and prove them wrong!

5.  If you try hard enough, you can achieve anything. Similar to my last thought, this applies to all those things you think you can’t do. The truth is that you can do anything, and I mean ANYTHING. No mountain is too high, no pathway too long, you can achieve anything you want, just don’t give up!

6.  After rain comes sunshine. I mean this literally and figuratively. Your mood can sometimes reflect the weather, so on horrible, and rainy days, we can feel rubbish. Bare in mind that the sun has to appear at some point, so just hang in there. The figurative meaning is that bad things happen, i.e. the rain, but eventually, something good will happen, i.e. the sun, you just have to be patient.

7.  Somewhere, something incredible is happening. Everyday, life can become repetitive and boring, but that doesn’t mean we have to despair! Not only can we experience joy through pleasant things that happen to us, but we can also find joy in other peoples success and happiness. Somewhere in the world, amazing things are happening all the time, so, by thinking about these things, we can be happy when life is not at its most exciting.

8.  If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! Mistakes happen, and I know that they can frustrate and irritate us, but they should not stop us from trying again. Similar to number 5, this mantra is useful for things like learning new skills or playing instruments. There is a first time for everything and practise really does make perfect, so if you fail, have another go, and another, and another, and you might just do it!

9.  There is always someone worse off than you. Although your problem may seem like the worst thing in the world in the present moment, a good way to relieve your bad feelings and worry is to imagine a worse situation. It sounds ridiculous but it really does help. By doing this, you may be able to cope with your problem a little better until an appropriate solution comes about.

10.  Tomorrow is a new day. Whatever happened today can always be forgotten. Each day is new, so you can wake up in the morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to face the world with a fresh outlook, despite what has happened the day before. People forgive and forget, no matter what you have done, or what has occurred, there will be a solution. Also, the light of day seems to make my problems seem much better than they did the night before.

And here’s something to make you smile: Each day is a gift, thats why its called the Present!

I do hope this helps, as these are the thoughts that help me get through tough times.

Enjoy the sun!

Cecilia-Joy xxxx

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