Have a Very Merry Christmas!

By  23rd December 2014
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Festive greetings to everyone!

I’m pretty sure that you already know this, but, IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! According to my Advent Calendar, there is only 6 days until roast turkey with all of the trimmings, BBC Christmas specials, board games and rolling around on the floor after too much Christmas dinner, a few too many mince pies, and lots and lots of chocolate.

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year.  Have been preparing for the big day since mid November, however, I must admit that I don’t actually feel very Christmassy. I am excited, I just have to keep on reminding my self that that it is the festive time of year. I guess it isn’t helped by the massive work load I have to do over the break. The nearer Christmas comes, the less time I have to complete the mountain of work!

Anyway, in attempt to Christmas my surroundings, (hoping that it might rub off on me), I thought I would show you some of my festive attempts:


I think, that one of the best things about Christmas is spending precious time with your family. Every moment you spend wight those you love is very special, and you should treasure these times the most. This is an awful thought, but you never know what will happen in the future, and the world can tend to be cruel, so we must always make memories with our loved ones because, maybe, one day, they may not be by our side anymore. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 18.54.26


Don’t you just love cosy slippers and the sparkle of the Christmas tree?


And yes, I’m rather proud of this picture actually!


Oooh, what’s inside?

The giving and receiving of presents is an important part of Christmas, and I know I touched on this subject last week, but I would like to quickly revisit it. Many children, on the morning of the 25th will wake up to a normal day, like any other. They will not spend the morning opening gifts. They will not indulge in chocolate and mince pies. They will not sit down with their family and enjoy roast turkey with all of the trimmings. They will not relax or cosy up in front of the fire to watch Christmas TV. They will not go to bed with the sweet memories of a happy and festive day. Some children may have to spend the special day looking after their sick sibling or parent. Some children may live in a family so poor that they cannot afford the expenses of Christmas. Some children do not have families. Some children are all alone in the world. And all that I say applies for those other than children too. 

There are so many people in the world less fortunate than us un so many ways. Christmas time is most often, for us, a time of joy and greed. A time when we forget about the bad things in the world, and come together to celebrate. For many, Christmas does not mean these things. It means a time that they wish they could celebrate, and a time that they know many people are celebrating, but a time when they simply can’t celebrate.


When you light a candle on Christmas day, please spare a thought for those who will not be enjoying the wonderful feelings and experiences that come along with Christmas. Please, if you like, say a prayer that hopefully, soon, things will get better for the unfortunate people. Pray and hope that someday, every single person will have joy, love, comfort, happiness, peace, and are are blessed. 

I know that our thoughts do change much, but if you would really like to make a difference to peoples lives at Christmas time, here are some ways you can do so:

Click here to pay for and reserve a place of warmth and happiness for a homeless person this Christmas. 

Click here to help end loneliness of the elderly in the UK.

Click here to support young carers who look after sick loved ones. 

Click here to buy a poor child a Christmas present.

Take some food to your local food bank. 

Volunteer at your local elderly residents home.

Although only little, these things could change someones Christmas for the better!

I truly hope you all have such a magical and wonderful Christmas and that you are filled with joy for the festive season.

Visit again soon!

Festive cheer and wishes,


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