5 Things any younger sibling will understand

By  7th October 2016

Hey guys,

So I have an older sister who is 6 years my elder. Here are some things I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to if you too are a younger sibling.  Enjoy!

  1. You’re opinion is wrong/doesn’t count

Don’t even bother expressing your opinion when your older sibling is around. It’s almost completely irrelevant compared to what your parents’ firstborn has to say.  After all, they’re probably discussing something that “you won’t understand” or is far too mature for you’re feeble mind. Yes, it doesn’t matter if you really do know more about that particular subject than them, a Masters or PhD would still mean nothing to them. You’re younger, therefore, they know better.

2.  Your first time will always be compared to their first time

Whether its your first blessing from mother nature (girls!!), your first time driving or your first relationship – it will be evaluated in comparison to theirs. You will spend a large part of your life living with your parents hearing about how on their first day of  school, your older sibling didn’t cry – you did. It seems that their first driving lesson was a lot more successful than yours. However, it is very satisfying when your first time at something, no matter what it is, turns out to be better than their’s!

3. Your parents will cut you a lot more slack

Your parents are experts now. They’ve already done this whole ‘bringing up a child thing’ once before so they know exactly when you don’t need punishing (or when you do). So, the first time you stumble home drunk at un-Godly hours, as long as your safe, your parents will probably laugh. After all, when you sibling did that many years ago, their pathetic attempt at a punishment or grounding  likely didn’t stop them from doing it again… and again… and again.

4. Three words baby: HAND-ME DOWNS

Okay, so, it nice to buy your own clothes – don’t get me wrong. I’m VERY partial to a bit of shopping. However, hand-me downs were just part of our young lives and to some extent, still are! We all have those family photos of your sibling wearing an outfit and then one taken a few years later of you wearing the same thing. That top you saw your sister wearing last week, that could be yours one day. That shirt they wore to dinner yesterday, you could be wearing it in a month’s time. If you wait long enough, anything of theirs could be yours!

5. You can learn a lot from them

My older sibling has taught me many a lesson. For example, I now know that dressing from head to toe in black, coating yours eyelids with black eyeliner and being purposefully miserable all the time isn’t a great look (thank you Mills). So, now, I don’t have to go through the EMO stage and look back at the photos in 10 years time. Result!  However, they can also be responsible for teaching you some very valuable life lessons about relationships and life and growing up.  In a lot of situations, your sibling can be your saving grace. I know that my sister has advised  me out of many sticky situations.

6. *BONUS*

No matter what our older siblings say or do, no matter how much they degrade us or tease us, we will always look up to them. We love them and regardless of what happens, we solemnly swear to never fail in our efforts to irritate them, (in the most loving way possible) one way or another!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this slightly more light-hearted post today!

Cecilia-Joy xx

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