5 Things you need to remember about learner drivers

By  22nd November 2016

Hey guys,

As you may or may not know, I am currently learning to drive. I think I can speak for all learner drivers when I tell you the following things. So please take the heads up if you’re guilty of one of the following things mentioned.

  1. We don’t want to go at the speed limit – we have to

Unlike you, we are sitting next to our driving instructors and practising for our test. We can’t go over the speed limit, not even by one mph. And yes, it does feel as slow for us as it does for you and we are sorry if you are stuck behind us. If we had our way, we probably would drive a little faster but of course, there is the law and all that.

2.There is no point in trying to make a point of over taking us – its a pointless point

I know I have said ‘point’ a lot but I’m trying to make a point. Okay, i’ll stop now. But the point is (okay now I’ll stop) is that, leading on from my previous, there is no need to overtake us, especially when we are obeying the speed limit. What’s the use in overtaking us, if you’re going to have to go at the same speed in front of us, instead of behind us? Just don’t do it. It’s simply annoying and I’m sure that people just do it to make a point (sorry!).

3. We are going to take a little longer to make decisions than you would like us to.

Of course, we simply aren’t as experienced as you, so, when leaving a junction or going around a roundabout, we may take a little longer to decide what to do. But please don’t be frustrated . Or sound your horn at us. Or UNDERTAKE US ON A ROUNDABOUT!! (Past experiences have disturbed me)

4. If you get impatient and tailgate us, we’ll take longer

There is a speed limit and we’ll be following it. And sorry to burst your bubble, but you have to too. So why insist on becoming so frustrated that you tailgate us. We can’t go any faster and you just make us nervous, which makes us more likely to make mistakes. And the more mistakes we make, the longer we’ll take to learn to drive. And the longer we take to pass our tests, the more we annoy you. It’s a vicious circle really.

5.We are probably better, or at least safer drivers than you

9 times out of 10 we follow the rules. You very often don’t – shoutout to the person who pulled out of a junction without giving way nearly killing me (if it weren’t for my super speedy reactions!). Therefore, give us a little bit of credit and don’t hate. Appreciate (the fact that we are LEARNERS). We’ll get there eventually, just like you did.

I hope all the learner drivers and those who have recently passed out there can relate. I also hope that those of you who have passed your tests, can now see from our perspective. Whoever you may be or wherever you are in your driving career, just remember, respect the road.

See you soon,


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