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By  15th December 2014

Hello everyone!

*She brushes the dust off her laptop and stretches her fingers, ready to begin to type…*

Yes, I know, I’m terrible. I haven’t posted in so long! I expect you all think that I had given up on my blog. Well, that’s not the case. The real reason behind my absence is mock examinations. For the past few weeks I have been swimming in revision, and only today did the two weeks of exams end. Not only that, but I have been so busy, it’s ridiculous. I have barely had a moment to catch my breath. Writing my blog is my favourite thing to do, and I am so glad that I am finally able to do just that. I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in such a while, but here I am now, hopefully for good. 

Because of everything that has gone on, I haven’t planned my blog post like I usually do. But, I think my blog is a place that I can tell everyone my feelings. So, thats what I am going to, on a number of things. What shall we start with? Hmmm… How about… something that I have been feeling passionate about lately. 

Britain is a rich and powerful country. We have a strong economy and are very developed. Because of all of this, it strikes me odd that this amazing country is still home to families who live in poverty. Despite our advanced technology and high-up ranking, there are still parents living in this country who can’t afford to feed their children. While we sit down to a hearty roast on a Sunday, there will be those who have nothing to eat. Children will be arriving to school hungry and adult must work to earn money on an empty stomach. But, at the end of a long, hard day, and an immense struggle, the minimum wage that they receive just won’t make the cut. Is this really acceptable in this day and age and in this country?

Out in the world, in the winter season, there will be elderly citizens sitting alone in their homes, freezing in the dark because they cannot afford their heating or electricity bills. Although we take it for granted, heat and light are very important. The body must drop only 2 degrees celsius before hypothermia kicks in, meaning that a house without a heater, in the Great British winter, is a serious health hazard. Imagine evening after evening, unable to enjoy the TV or radio in your house that has a small temperature difference to outside. 

This has come to my attention because of the time of year. In the festive season, not only will people be struggling to eat, but there will children who won’t receive Christmas presents and parents who desperately don’t want their sons and daughters to awaken on Christmas morning to an empty stocking or tree that does not have presents beneath it. As we tuck into a full turkey with all of the trimmings, some will be only be lucky enough to eat a turkey sandwich, and in some cases, not even that. As we sit together, with our families, in our warm a cosy houses, watching Christmas versions of our favourite TV shows, there will be some all alone in a freezing living room, wrapped in blankets and watching a blank screen. 

It makes me wonder whether the government are spending our money in the right way. Billions of pounds in debt, we really don’t have that much spare money to spend, but it seems that the politicians of our country are more interested in building high speed railways and roads under Stonehenge than feeding the people of our nation. Shouldn’t we make sure that our people are fed and warm before we consider improving transport systems? Shouldn’t we make sure that our old people don’t die hungry or cold in their own homes? What is more important: being able to travel the country in a hour or two, or making sure that the new generation grow strongly and healthily, and the old generation leave comfortably and happily.

I know we can’t change everything at once, or maybe not at all. But I am just asking if next time you go shopping, set something aside for the local food bank, or take some blankets to the nearest homeless shelter. Give your spare change to a charity that helps the elderly and lonely. Maybe even volunteer to help those in need. Although we won’t be making a huge difference, it doesn’t matter. Eventually, all the little acts of kindness we do each day, will build up, and if everyone works hard enough, we can make the world a happier, healthier and better place. 

The second thing I am going to talk to you about is my YouTube Channel. 

I have, as some of you know, started a channel on YouTube and will be posting videos was often as I can. My videos will be of lots of different sorts. For example, on Halloween I posted a video in which I carved a pumpkin with the help of my sister, Melissa. Or, I also filmed my annual trip to Newcastle for a hospital appointment at the Freeman Hospital, where I had my heart transplant, in a sort of “come along with me” video. Soon, I will be posting a video that I filmed with my friend, Anna. It is the “What’s in my mouth?” challenge. It sounds strange, but you will have to watch it to find out what it is! (THE CHEEK!) 

Overall, videos take time. Much effort is needed to set up my filming equipment, film the video and then edit them on my computer. It would really mean a lot to me if you could visit channel and Like and Comment on some of my pieces. Also, if you enjoy them, please do Subscribe to my channel, and you will be notified every time I upload a new video. Here is a direct link to my YouTube channel, so that as soon as you have read and shared my blog, you can check it out! (AND THE CHEEK CONTINUES!)

My YouTube Channel

Thirdly, I want to talk about a new project that I have coming up… or maybe more than one. Recently, I met with one of my Mummy’s old colleagues, Tracey, whom she worked with when she worked in the fashion business. She is a experienced designer and together, we are going to work on a project in which I will design something and she will create it, and hopefully, use it to do some fundraising. I can’t wait to start this new project in the new year, and I am so excited to work with the lovely and VERY talented Tracey. 

Aside from this, I am planning  another fundraising event that will, if all goes well, will occur in the near future. I am looking forward to earning hopefully thousands more for charities close to my heart, but involving you and having fun in the process. (More news on this to come soon.)

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my (very delayed) blog, and I promise that I will try my hardest to update it every week from now on. I really do hope that every single one of you have a wonderful, cheerful, relaxing and festive holiday and that you spend Christmas with those who you love. Enjoy Advent and treasure every special moment! (I will hopefully be back before the big day.)

Please do share my blog!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!!

Cecilia-Joy xxx

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