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Hello Everyone!!

I have had a brilliant weekend, probably one of the best I’ve ever had.  In previous blogs I mentioned that I was going to shave all of my hair with two of my best friends.

 I woke up late on the day of the Great Shave, feeling nervous and excited. “Am I really going to go through with this?” I thought as I began brushing my hair for the last  time for at least 5 months or so. Today was going to be one of the biggest days of my life. Butterflies flew in my stomach as I picked out my outfit and washed, still wondering whether I was actually going to let the hairdresser near me with a razor.

The door bell rung. My friends had arrived and we sat and talked while waiting for the makeup artist to get there. Looking at my friends and their long dark hair, I thought, “What if they regret doing this and blame it on me?” So I reminded them one last time that they could back out if they wanted to. They both refused to budge, and now things were becoming real. I was so excited yet so nervous.

The makeup artist came and did our makeup and as soon as she was finished we jumped into the car, and arrived at the hairdressers after a 5 minute journey! Sitting on a table outside the neighbouring cafe, were two of my friends and their families, waiting to come and watch the Great Shave.  It all felt so overwhelming. They followed us into the hairdressers – there were so many people. Friends, family, a photographer, the hairdressers, children and friends of the hairdressers and the three of us. About 30 people who had all come to witness me and my friends shave our hair, all cramped into a Blushes hair salon on Hollyhedge Parade in Cobham.  I felt famous, as did my friends as we all sat down in our chairs side by side.

We had decided to donate our hair to a wig charity that makes wigs for children who have undergone Chemotherapy. radiotherapy or anything that could cause hair loss. 4 years ago I lost all of my due to being so ill and malnourished for so long, and was given a wig by The Little Princess Trust, that was almost exactly the colour of my natural so I felt it was only right to donate my hair back to them to help another little girl!

The hairdresser plaited several different sections of my hair, and tied them at the top and bottom. Hannah went first, and then Katie, and then me. When it was my turn I thought to myself, “Well, I’m doing it anyway, why not make the most of it?!” So picked up the scissors and chopped one off my plaits! It was too late to back down now, but I didn’t want too. Chop, chop, chop, before I knew it my plaits were gone and my hair was about 1 inch long.

Then it was the most important part. The Lady working on my hair took the razor in her hand and turned it on. Everything slowed down, I was surround by video cameras and people taking  photos.  Everything felt surreal as the buzzing of the razor became louder and louder. “What am I doing?” I thought. I closed my eyes and held my breath as the razor met my skin and the first piece of hair fell to the floor….

I was delighted! I had actually done it! I had actually shaved my head with two amazing girls and raised loads money for two deserving charities: The Evelina London (hospital), where all three of us were and still continue to be treated and Children’s Heart Unit Fund, (CHUF), at the hospital in Newcastle where I had my heart transplant in 2010.

Cameras flashed, and people clapped and cheered as the hairdresser shaved away my last bits of hair. A quick rinse in the sink to catch the loose hair, and we were all done, and here is how we look:


We took a well deserved rest after a very fun but very busy day. We look like triplets!


Before and After

Here are some other photos from the day:





Yes, we are clutching bags of out own hair!

Our JustGiving pages are still live, so if you haven’t yet donated, and would still like to, the links are below:

My JustGiving Page.

My Friends’ Page

Thank you very much for reading. Have a great day!

Cecilia-Joy xx

P.S. If you would like more information about the charities I have mentioned, please click the links below.

Evelina London Appeal

CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund)

The Little Princess Trust

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