Brave for Beads!

By  18th February 2014

Hi lovely people,

I am pleased to say that yesterday I had my last, (hopefully ever), session of radiotherapy! I’m so pleased and  am looking forward to just relaxing at home without having to worry about getting to the hospital. Yesterday, I posted some pictures of my mask, and today, I attempted to film my session to share with you, but was told I was not allowed to, (annoying!)

Anyway, I received a lovely certificate, that I will frame and keep forever, to remind me I was strong, and even though I hated every second of it, I still persevered and completed my radiotherapy. Now all there is to do is hope and prey that my tumours disappear.

Another thing I will keep for memories is my huge string of “Beads of Courage”. Something that the hospital organise, when starting treatment, I was given some string, a bead diary and a bag to keep everything in. I was told that every time I had a procedure, or a test, or almost anything, I should tick it off in my bead diary. Every different thing I ticked off, has its own colour bead, so when I met the play specialist, I could collect the beads and thread them on my string. I did this and so far, in a very short space of time, I have collected rather a lot of beads. Again, in years to come, I will look at my beads and be reminded of my experience.

Here some examples of the beads I have earned:



I hope you enjoyed reading this, if so, please share my blog, it would mean so much to me!

Cecilia-Joy xx


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Thank you xx  

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