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Tiers or Tears: Local Lockdowns, Rule Rebels and Substantial Snacks?

Hello everyone, Firstly, I have some exciting news! I recently wrote an article for the Metro online and it went live today. The...
By  1st December 2020

5 Things you need to remember about learner drivers

Hey guys, As you may or may not know, I am currently learning to drive. I think I can speak for all learner drivers when I tell...
By  22nd November 2016

5 Things any younger sibling will understand

Hey guys, So I have an older sister who is 6 years my elder. Here are some things I’m sure you’ll be able to relate...
By  7th October 2016

Butterfly Wings and What Ifs?

Hello Everyone, Shall we just ignore the fact that I have posted in 3 months – I have had an absolute nightmare with my...
By  3rd October 2016

The Five Stages of Exams!

HELLO! It’s been too long! I have finally emerged from the deep depths of exam season…. well nearly anyway....
By  6th June 2016