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By  12th July 2015

Hello Everyone,

This is possibly the most exciting blog post that I have ever written! I can’t believe that I am actually able to type these words: On Sunday the 5th April,  I travelled to the O2 Arena with my sister Melissa and best friend Katie to interview the incredible band McBusted! I was given this amazing opportunity when the band presented me with my Pride of Britain award. They were told of my dream to be a journalist or presenter and invited me to their concert,  with backstage passes to meet & interview them.

Cissy and McBusted 2

McBusted and I at Pride of Britain – yes, taking this was as awkward as it looks!

When they said this, I didn’t think for a second that it would actually happen, but boy(!) was I wrong? The three of us were treated like VIPs for the whole, it was a wonderful evening. Anyway, lets get into the nitty gritty! Please enjoy my very first (hopefully of many) celebrity interview…

On the day, Katie, Melissa and I wait patiently for McBusted to arrive, silly with excitement. McBusted enter the room. I just about managed to gather my faculties and say “hello”. After they position themselves and we have a quick chat, the interview begins!

ME: Thank you very much for inviting me to interview you!

ALL: Thats Okay, No Problem (and similar all at the same time!)

(At this point I had a little moment (who wouldn’t) and was encouraged by the cheering boy band to carry on and start my questions.)

ME: When did the two bands meet for the first time? [Thoughts: What is actually happening right now? Calm, Cissy, calm!]

TOM: I first met you *pointing at Matt Willis* in John Henry’s, which is a rehearsal room-

MATT: Well, actually no, I first met you *to Tom Fletcher* at school. 

TOM: The first day we were all collectively together was at rehearsals. *All agree*.

MATT: Yeah, I’d met you all individually but never as a band. 

TOM: About 12 years ago probably.

ME: Okay. What gave you the idea of putting the two bands together? [This is so weird.]

TOM: It was kinda a bit random and evolved into it from a time when we were on a McFly tour and James came and was just hanging out and doing some song writing with us and he had his (something) guitar so he went out on stage one night before we went on and just played a few songs to the crowd and he played Year 3000 and it just went down amazingly and the crowd and the crowd reacted incredibly well to it and everyone thought its just a shame there isn’t a way to bring Busted back as there is just so much love for Busted and their songs and thats what sparked the idea off really and it all just snowballed from there and here we are in this room, nearly two years later-

JAMES: In this room that no one knows about. 

*We all laugh.*

(Did I mention that we are sitting in a secret room that has a door designed to look like a wardrobe [Narnia] that was originally built for Michael Jackson for his Thriller tour where he was originally supposed to spend 50 nights at the O2 arena. Of course, unfortunately, he never made it.)

ME: Okay, thats great. Now I’m gonna ask you some different kind of questions. Do any of you have any weird phobias, and if so, what are they?

SOMEONE (HARRY I THINK): James, I remember that you didn’t like eggs.

JAMES: Yeah, I’ve overcome my phobia of eggs. *Everyone laughs.* It was the idea of something so kind of.. runny and liquidy being in something so hard. *They all laugh.* I couldn’t get my head around it and it really used to scare me. My brother used to throw them across the kitchen at me and I had no choice but to catch them because I knew that if I didn’t catch them they would fall on the floor and break. I would be like, “Nick, what are you doing? Stop throwing eggs!” and he’d be like “Wahaay”. *James mimics his brother throwing eggs*. I’d be like, ‘Stop! I hate these!” *We all laugh.*

And also horses because I always feel that they have the power to hurt you, but they look like they.. they kinda have really innocent eyes and I think its deceiving.  

ME: Okayyy….

*Silence for five seconds as everybody looks questioningly at each other*

 *We all burst out laughing.*

ME: Anyone else?

SOMEONE: I cant top that. *All agree.*

HARRY: I just don’t like flying. I hate flying. Danny doesn’t like it either. 

DANNY: Yeah, thats my only phobia. Apart from that, I’m pretty hardcore really. *Laughs.*

MATT or TOM or HARRY: Yeah or electricity, like that shock game-

JAMES: Changing a light bulb- (and they all started talking about something really random but it was totally inaudible and was apparently absolutely hilarious!) 

ME: Cool. Next up; out of all of you, who takes the longest to get ready?

HARRY: Today. I took about three minutes to get ready.

TOM (to Harry): If you take into consideration your eating habits, that makes you take quite along time.

HARRY: Hey, thats not the question asked! 

SOMEONE: That does take ages Harry.

HARRY: It’s not me though, its not me. It’s Danny, definitely, if we are being honest. Buts thats not necessarily a bad thing! He takes pride in how he looks. He has quite a ‘do on him as well. It;s not a hairstyle that easily just… do you know what I mean?

*Danny shakes his head showing of his hair.*

MATT: You don’t just wake up like that. 

HARRY: Me and Matt have got quite short hair. Dougie’s hair is just o’natural. So Danny out of us has the most maintenance to do. 

TOM: James takes the least time to get ready.

DANNY: He woke up like this!

ME: What do you think is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done on stage? [I wish I could feel their hair! Wait, did I just have a conversation about hair with McBusted?]

TOM: I fell over last night. 

DANNY: The confetti was slippy on the thing last night, wasn’t it? [?!?!?]

TOM: I fell over running up to the top of – hang on- I don’t want to ruin the show for you!

JAMES: That’s a bit annoying isn’t it?

TOM: It was a moment when there was probably a lot go attention on me.

DANNY: That is so funny!

HARRY: You were wiped out?

TOM: There was stuff on the top bit that isn’t normally there. It was only a little slip but it was enough to embarrass me! 

DOUGIE: HAHAHA! The last thing they see will be you falling over!

HARRY: You know the step that we have to go up, well I risk wiping out on that every single night! I do my run up and I think one night, this is gonna go so wrong. 

DANNY: I’ve slipped on them already!

ME: Whats your favourite song on your latest album? 

MATT: Mine changes all the time. I like Sensitive Guy at the moment. I was listening to it the other day and it made me laugh. 

TOM: I like What Happened To Your Band?.

HARRY (or MATT.): I like Riding On My Bike!

ME: Thats my favourite!

JAMES: I think that Sensitive Guy should be used in a toothpaste advert. It needs to happen. It would be the biggest toothpaste ever if they used it. ‘Cos everyone would be like “I’m just a sensitive guy…” *He hums the tune and mimes brushing his teeth.*

My thoughts: OMG James from McBusted just pretending he was in a toothpaste advert! This is so crazy and so surreal!

*Ring ring ring.* James’ phone rung and he picked it up. 

JAMES (into his phone): I’ll call you back, I’m in an interview!”

This seemed to remind me that I was actually sitting and interviewing McBusted. Some really crazy things happen in my life, some very crazy but very wonderful things. I am so grateful for the marvellous opportunities given to me. But, back to the interview…

ME: Did you get any negative reactions to the joining of the two bands or was everybody Ok with it?

MATT: Good question! 

HARRY: It was mainly positive really I mean –

MATT: I mean there was a few people that we kinda put out by it. I think errrrm –

JAMES (I THINK): *%&^$%)^& Eastenders! (This was inaudible and I have no idea what on earth he was talking about!)

*They all laugh.*

MATT: Especially people who didn’t like Busted, people who like McFly from different countries that Busted never went to, didn’t really understand why suddenly McFly were being called McBusted and they had two other random guys with them-

HARRY: Random guys! HAHA!

JAMES: Yeah, but Busted has gone on so long, there a lot of people in all corners of the world, like, Brazil, Madrid, where they would be like: “Wait a second! Who are those guys?” You know? But, on the whole, it was quite positive.

MATT: Yeah, its just been amazing, and also I think now, especially, people understand it, they kinda get it and they realise why we do it and you know, everyone just embraces it as being something thats really cool…

HARRY: McFly is quite different to Busted so you are gonna have people who prefer McFly and people who prefer Busted and some people will prefer McBusted, so you cant please everyone. 

ME: Ok. Last question: If you could tour with anyone who would it be?

JAMES: Dead or alive?

ME: Anyone!

JAMES: Definitely Michael Jackson.

HARRY: I’d like to see that combo! 

JAMES: It would be unbelievable  

DOUGIE: I would go on a tour with Kiss, because they have loads of girls back stage, and we don’t. 

*We all laugh.*

MATT: Who would be funny to tour with? Ummmm… Slipknot. I think we would really match.

THE OTHERS: That would make a really good combo. Yeah!

HARRY: Slipknot are apparently really, really nice. However, I don’t think it would go down to well if we were to tour with Slipknot.

ME: Okay guys. Thank you so much for this interview. 

ALL: Well Done!

My thoughts: I made it! I actually managed to conduct my first celebrity interview without making a complete fool of myself! Maybe I wasn’t as bad at this as I thought. And, now I get to enjoy the concert! I should do this more often. 

I would like to say a massive Thank You to McBusted. They are such lovely boys who welcomed me and invited me to interview them in the first place. This is the first interview of my journalism career and I hope they know how much this experience meant to me. I will be remember it for the rest of my life. 

Also, Thank You to Nikki Gardner for coordinating the interview and for taking time to make it happen. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity and I indeed very grateful.

I also filmed this interview. If you would like to see the video on my YouTube video, please comment below.

I really hope that you all annoyed this interview.

Cecilia-Joy xxx

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