Faith Restored!

By  19th March 2014

Hello Friends,

I’ve had a busy and tiring week, and am almost back at school full time now. I’m so glad to be back with my friends and I’m starting to feel normal again, which, is a really nice way to feel. One of the girls I did the Great Shave with had gone to live in Spain for 4 months, but returned this week to visit family and friends, so I grabbed the opportunity to have a reunion. Yesterday, Hannah, Katie and I took the train to London to explore and enjoy a lovely lunch together.

After arriving at the train station without my wheelchair, Hannah, my Mum and I had to turn around and meet my Dad half way. By the time we reached the station again, with the wheel chair this time, we waved goodbye to my Mum, met Katie and hopped on a train headed for London, Waterloo.  Searching through my bag, I realised I was still carrying a copy of The Evening Standard that we starred in. Reducing my load, I decided to give the copy to the man sitting beside us. I offered it to him, mentioning, “My friends and I are on page 11!” He smiled and flicked the pages. “Well done, this is amazing!” he said. He then folded the page in half so only our article could be seen and passed it back to me, whipped out his phone and snapped a picture of all of us holding the paper. Wow, I felt special. I had never experienced anything like this before.

The beautiful city of London was packed, as usual. People ran here and there, taking pictures with famous landmarks and searching for a nice place to sit in the warm sun. Hannah had some filming to do for project she is working on so we made out way to London bridge. After this we took the bus to Convent Garden. Again fighting and squeezing our way though the crowds, we stopped for lunch at Nando’s.

After a fair helping of chicken, chips and halloumi cheese, we made our way to M&M world, as I’m sure you know is a whole building dedicated to the sugar coated, skittle sized chocolates, (my favourite). From pyjamas to golf balls, anything you can think of they have, decorated with coloured, personified M&Ms. We spent 2 hours filling plastic bags with sweets and taking photos next to the colourfully painted walls and statues. A member of the M&M World staff showed us around and then took us to a place where we could make personalised M&Ms. Excited we were, maybe a little too much. We jumped up and down as the M&Ms with our names and the words, “The Great Shave” poured out of the machine. By far. the best part of our day. The man who showed us around was so lovely, Anthony was his name. He carried our bags, lead us through the crowds and made sure we got everything we needed. Anthony definitely made our experience even more special.

 On the way home from M&M world, we had to travel across a bridge to reach Waterloo station, but after running across the bridge as fast as we could could, we reached the end a noticed that a large sign taped to the lift door read: “OUT OF ORDER”, so as you can imagine we did not have the energy, at 7 o’clock at night, to run all the way back across the bridge, in the windy and cold weather. Have you ever heard of a good samaritan. A husband and wife saw that we were distressed and looking for help so kindly offered to carry my wheel chair down the stairs. The woman took my bags and the man, with the help of two others, hauled me up and like super heroes, and carried me down the stairs. Their kindness didn’t end here though. Passing me my bags, the woman asked, “What has happened to you? I would love to pray for you.” I told her about my life and she placed her hand on my shoulder. She then muttered a prayer and wished me well. We showed the couple the newspaper article we were in and the husband told us that he had read about us. After they congratulated us we remembered we had a train to catch so thanked them and rushed off.

OK, so why have I told you this? Everyday we watch the news. Everyday we learn that someone has been murdered, or somebody had been hurt. We learn that people have taken part in riots, and that there have been victims of phone hacking. Sometimes we even learn that someone we thought we knew, for example an MP, a person who is supposed to be looking after our country, has been convicted of rape or sexual abuse against under age women. How does this make us feel? Terrible. What happened to the good people? What happened to treating others how you would like to be treated? Do we have left any faith in humanity?

My trip to London didn’t only provide me with great fun, but also provided me with a different outlook on the world. The evil in the world seems to have a far louder voice than the good. And although there are plenty of kind, courageous, caring people living on the planet, the recognition of the nasty, selfish people is far greater. While in London, I met 4 people, who are slowly and carefully doing their bit to make the world a better place. The man on the train, the man who helped us in M&M world and the Husband and Wife who helped us down the stairs and prayed for us. Their deeds of kindness were only small but they still made us smile. And sometimes a smile is all someone needs to brighten up their day.

Remember that a good deed a day, like helping someone pick up their shopping, or telling them where they can fill their car with petrol, can help make the world a better place. The bad speaks loud, but if we all stick together, we can slowly but surely make the good scream louder than it ever has before! We, together, can restore faith in humanity!

Sorry this post is so late, I have been very busy at school lately. I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired you to do good.

Cecilia-Joy xxxxx

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