Fried Brain?!

By  15th February 2014

Hello everybody,

I haven’t posted in almost a week now because I’ve been in hospital again after reacting not so well to radiotherapy on my head, and there was no internet connection so as you can imagine I nearly lost my mind having no communication with the outside world.

I recently wrote about the making of my mask, well I now have pictures that you might be interested to see, and yes, it is as uncomfortable as it looks.

WARNING: VERY creepy and unflattering photos below!!!



Can I just mention that due to the mask being very tight, my face is extremely squashed and flattened, so I look rather peculiar? Apart from barely being able to breathe because my nostrils were nearly closed due to the pressure of the mask, the worst thing about having lasers fired at your brain, is the taste that becomes apparent. Somewhat like a swimming pool,  the taste would overwhelm, and hit me at the back of my throat as soon as the machines were turned on. Its hard to say why I experienced this, maybe it was the taste of my brain being fried?!

Anyway, I’m home now and I only have 1 more session of radiotherapy.

 Thank you very much for reading.

Cecilia-Joy xxx

P.S. The clock is ticking and my hair hasn’t got much time left on my head, so here is a little reminder that I’m shaving my head for charity next Saturday, (22nd Feb), with two amazing girls, Hannah and Katie, and you can sponsor us, here are our pages. Thank you!!

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Also, my first ever YouTube video is live, so please watch it and share it so I can raise LOTS and LOTS of money for such deserving charities.

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