Friendship Matters

By  4th February 2014


I’ve been off school for a while now, meaning that socialising is something I have not done a lot of lately. I miss my friends, but was delighted today when, at my door, was delivered a little purple present bag this afternoon. When I opened it, I discovered a lovely teddy bear, and a card, with a message from each and everyone of my classmates inside. It brought a tear to my eye. Its great to know that even though I’m not there physically, I’m still able to join my beautiful friends in spirit.

Not only have I got such wonderful friends at school, I have the most amazing friends out of school too. They support me everyday, no matter what and help me get through when life gets hard. Friendship is so important. Everyone needs that person to lean on, that person to talk to when they get lost or struggle to carry on.

Im so thankful to all of my friends, especially:






You girls are the reason I’m so happy today, I love you girls and remember that!

Cecilia-Joy xx

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