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By  22nd April 2014

Hello Everyone!

I really have not posted in ages, (permission to slap me, only on the hand), but I do have an excuse. After a trip to see my wonderful doctor, Dr Judy Taylor, I was told that I didn’t have to return to hospital for 3 weeks, which is a long time for me, because I was feeling and doing so well.  This was great news so I started planning my easter holidays that for the first time in a long while, were going to be hospital free.

It all went to plan… for a day or two. Then I woke up feeling terrible. I had completely lost my appetite, I felt so groggy I could barely move, and I could not stay awake no matter what, it was IMPOSSIBLE!!! Great, the second I get told I am doing really well, better than I have been in a while, I come down with something, something really nasty. Trust me, it felt worse than it sounds.

I haven’t got a history of very successful school holidays. There always seems to be one reason or another that destroys my holiday, whether its just a little cold or a full on brain tumour. Something always comes around to ruin everything. This time it happened to be an awful sleeping sickness. I’m over it now though.

I managed to recover in time for Easter and had a lovely weekend with my family at my Grandparents house. Chocolate, roast dinner and my favourite people surrounding me. What more could I ask for? Spending time with your family is so important because you never know when this privilege could be snatched away from you. Family are the only people you know will be there for you to lean on no matter what. They are a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen. The most important people you will ever meet, and you are the most special person they will ever know as well.

Speaking of family, we must all take a second to think and prey for the families who have lost relatives and especially children in the South Korean ship that tragically sank a few days ago. These people must be experiencing so much pain and heart ache. As long as they have hope, even the tiniest amount, there is still a chance their loved-ones will be saved.

My thoughts are with every family on the news that has suffered loss or sorrow. I realise how lucky I am at the moment to be happy and for the time being healthy.

I’ve just returned from another appointment at the Evelina Children’s hospital, and have been told again that I am doing really well. TOUCH WOOD! I just need to up my food intake and rest lots and I should be right back to the old Cecilia-Joy in no time.

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Cecilia-Joy xxx

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