New Year, New Me?

By  6th January 2015

Hello all,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a brilliant beginning to the year and that, if you have one, you are doing well keeping your New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t. I set my self three things and I haven’t managed to keep any. They are:

1. To sleep without a fan. Every night, no matter the season or temperature, I sleep with a small fan blowing on my face. I know it sound odd, especially in the height of the Great British Winter, but if it makes me cold, I will simply snuggle into my duvet. I don’t like deep silence, so the whirring sound of the fan fills in the silent emptiness that night brings. Obviously, having the fan on all night does eventually amount to a higher electricity bill (not by much though), so, I thought I would try and get to sleep, in the New Year without the fan. I tried, and I couldn’t stand it. Not only did the silence drill into my head, I felt hot and bothered and failed to get to sleep. I guess I will try again soon, but as far as fails go, that was a massive one.

2. To build up my walking. As you know, I am currently in the process of learning to walk again. Everyday I get stronger and stronger, and I am able to walk further and further. Recently, I have been able to walk into my local village, and, to the local public garden and coffee shop (with the help of my trusty foot splints) for the first time in almost 5 years. It may not seem a lot, but 2 years ago at this time, I was unable to put any pressure on my feet at all. For the New Year, I set my self a resolution to keep on walking everyday, so that I am able to stretch my limit and and walk lengths that a while ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of. However, I have unfortunately been sat at my desk every day of the New Year so far, wading through my pile of work that I have to complete before I go back to school. Hopefully, when all of my work is complete, and on the weekends, on the days between school, I will be wearing my walking boots and get outside and use my newly transformed feet that unlike before, actually work!

3. To reduce the amount of sugar I consume everyday. When I was young, I always craved savoury foods, especially protein. However, recently I have suddenly developed a sweet tooth. Chocolate, sweets, anything with sugar in it…. MMMMMMM YES PLASE. The problem is, the fact that I have had a kidney transplant, and that I take medicinal steroids makes me much more prone to diabetes.(And please no one panic, I am so healthy and the risk is not large at all, just a little bit more than normal.) I know that diabetes is really serious, and by no means do I take my freedom for granted, but when there is something sugary available, its almost impossible to resist the temptation. So, I though that one of my resolutions would be try my hardest to resist eating naughty snacks, and seriously decrease my sugar intake. But of course, it takes awhile before you can overcome your cravings completely and I have to admit, I have really not been doing all that well. Its like chocolate calls my name and tells me to “eat me”. But I am trying little by little and hopeful soon, the mouth watering cravings will go away!

So yes, I have completely failed at completing my New Years resolutions. But I promise that I am going to try my very best, from now on, to actually keep my resolutions.

Although I haven’t mentioned it, I have set myself another mini resolution. It is to continue posting blog posts continually, every week for the whole year, starting with this one. Also, I have promised myself that I will try and make as many YouTube videos as I can. This is hard as YouTube videos take a lot of thought and editing one video can take up to three evenings. As much as I love making them, sometimes I feel reluctant to do so. But as its a new year, and a new start, I am going to write as many blog posts and film and edit as many vides as physically possible. I know that many of you will be battling to keep your New Years resolutions so if I struggle with mine, I will think of you too!

Do you have a New Years Resolution? If so, tell me about it in the comments. We can a battle through them together!

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Good Luck!

Cecilia-Joy xxx

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