Oh Ceciliaaaaa… THE VAMPS SUNG TO ME!

By  10th October 2014

Dear readers, old and new,

The first thing that I have to say is a GREAT, BIG, GIANT, MASSIVE, HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. The messages of love and support I have been receiving from you have truly touched me. Not a single negative word has been uttered and you have all been ridiculously generous with your messages, tweets and emails. This also goes to all of you have said wonderful things to me, too. Until now, I have never been complimented and flattered so much. I never thought of myself as “inspirational” or “courageous” and knowing that people think I am really, really means a lot. In fact, I can’t even explain how much it means to me. Every time I read a lovely comment or message, a tiny firework erupts in my heart, my body tingles and my brain explodes with happiness. I wish I could reply personally to all of them, but it would take me a decade. My aim in life was to inspire people and I’m immensely glad that, according to you,  I am finally doing just that.

As most of you know, I have just experienced the most wonderful three days of my life. The Pride of Britain Awards are what I mean, in case you don’t know, (if so, where have you been?) I was so privileged to be honoured with a Pride of Britain award last Monday, but that wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened. Oh no, not by far…

So, how did I discover I was going to get an award? You ask…. Well.. I will tell you…

A normal morning at school, I signed in and groaned as I realised I had forgotten my blazer on the morning of Prize Giving rehearsal. Usually, we are excused with a “Bring it next time,” but today, Mrs Ha was determined to find me a blazer to wear. “It doesn’t matter does it?” I asked, but her nod confirmed that this wasn’t the case. Eventually, Mrs Ha sent someone to the office and they arrived back carrying a spare blazer, that I gingerly accepted and put on.

Before everyone set off for the gym, Mrs Ha pulled me to the side, “I’ll walk down with you early so that you don’t get trampled on.” I agreed and we left 5 minutes before everyone else. As we were approaching the gym door, Jacqui (one of my closest, best friends) walked out with Mrs Slade. “What are you doing here?” I wondered, it was very early and no students had entered the gym yet. “Oh, we just had a meeting,” Jacqui replied as she re-entered the hall with me. Initially, I didn’t suspect anything of it, but I did think it was odd that they were meeting so early in the morning.

Upon entering the gym, I immediately noticed cameras dotted around the room. Surprised, Jacqui and I exchanged glances as Mrs Slade and Mrs Ha led us to our seating area. We walked to the far end of the row of chairs but Mrs Ha stopped us, “I would like you girls to sit at this end please,” she said, gesturing to the two seats near the front, directly in front of the stage, that, oddly, was empty. This was strange for the morning of Prize Giving, as there would usually be a lectern, some tables and other things. “Why should we sit here?” I asked, “Just in case!” my teacher replied, but before I could ask what she meant she was gone.

People began to file in, each of them wondered and guessed as to why there were cameras in the school hall. Once everyone was sitting down, a man, presumably one of the camera crew, came to the front. He caught the attention of 300 chatting teenage girls and told us all to “act like we were on a night out” and “excited”. After we all exchanged confused glances, we continued to talk, but with slightly more enthusiasm. Jacqui and I discussed the possible reasons as to why we were being filmed. Guesses included that Mrs King (the headmistress) had decided to film Prize Giving, or that our school was making it’s own documentary to advertise the school. After a few minutes more of fussing and rearranging the positions of the cameras, Miss D’Aprano came to the front of the hall. “I have a question to ask you all.” We listened intently. “Do you like The Vamps?” What a strange question! But the answer was: YES! The Vamps are one of my favourite bands, (along with One Direction, Union J, McBusted). At that moment, everyone at the left hand side of the hall began screaming; shocked and confused, everyone on the right hand side of the hall (where me and Jacqui were sitting) followed their gazes, and suddenly we knew what all the noise was about.

Through the door walked…. THE VAMPS. No. I am not joking. The Vamps walked in. Then everyone was screaming. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and judging by the sound levels, neither could anyone else. Hand over my mouth, I stared in disbelief as the 4 young, handsome boys waved and climbed the stairs to the stage. Was I dreaming? James pulled his guitar strap over his shoulder, as if ready to sing. Excitement filled me as I turned to Jacqui and said, “Oh my Gosh, What is happening? They have to sing ‘Cecilia’, they have to!” she nodded in agreement and we turned our attention tot he stage. Bradley stepped forward and explained “We are here to see a very special girl because we have heard all about the amazing things she has done.” A pang of jealousy ran through me as I thought of the lucky girl they had come to see. He then continued with “The name of the song may give you a clue.” I ran through a list of their song names in my head and suddenly it hit me. I was pretty sure their only song that was titled with a name was… CECILIA!

 They played the first chord and I knew I was right. “Oh Ceciliaaaa” they sung. Surely I was dreaming? I brought my hands to my face as everyone one turned to look at me. The beautiful song continued in the background as I tried to make sense of what was going on. The Vamps were standing on my school gym stage, on the morning of Prize Giving,  and serenading me with a song of my own name. Can you see why I was confused? Suddenly, an overwhelming wave of happiness hit me, and my bottom lip began to tremble. Tears filled my eyes. Crying with happiness, I lent into Jacqui’s shoulder. The song finished and everyone began to clap, (and scream). Jacqui tapped me on the back and pointed behind her. My parents were standing with my headmistress, beaming at me. They had sneaked in through the back door to watch the ordeal.

 Could this day get any better? “Come on up” James said and Jacqui helped me up the steps. My knees felt weak as after a massive hug from each of them, the boys directed me to stand in-between them. They said, “We have heard about your bravery and the awesome things you have done, so, we have come to present you with this.” Out of his pocket, Tristan handed me a Golden envelope and they informed inside was an invitation to an award ceremony because I had won… A PRIDE OF BRITAIN AWARD! Apparently the day could get better, much better. Everyone cheered as I stared at the envelope open mouthed. I thanked the boys with another hug and we chatted on stage. They were so lovely and kind.

Because the cameras had been to film the extravaganza, we had to re-enact the whole situation again so they camera men could get shots from a different angle. It didn’t have quite the same feeling as, of course, everyone knew what was going happen. Every so often there were unexplained screams of excitement so we had to re film 3 times. When we were finished, I left the hall with The Vamps and my parents. Waiting in the car park was a photographer who took photos of me holding the envelope. We said our goodbyes and The Vamps left the school. I returned home for an interview with the film crew about the morning’s and went back to school later in the day.

A brilliant day is a massive understatement. I’m the luckiest girl alive and I know thousands of people would give anything to experience the same thing. I hope The Vamps are reading this, and I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU. They never will truly understand the happiness and joy they brought me that day. It was one of the best of my life and I will never forget it until the day I die. I hope to meet them again one day, they are so kind and down to earth, and should be proud of their fantastic and awesome music. James, Tristan, Connor and Bradley, you have made me the happiest girl alive. THANK YOU again.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my The Vamps experience. Log on soon to read about my wonderful evening at the Pride Of Britain awards. It will be up shortly (if i manage to complete the catch up school work that built up whilst I was enjoying it. Serves me right though, you can’t have fun for free, or very rarely anyway.)

Here is a couple of pictures of the day:

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.16.44

The boys and I 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.16.58

My beautiful parents and I in the car park afterwards.

Stay well, stay happy, and remember, Hope Makes the Heart Beat!

Lots of Love,

Cecilia-Joy xxx

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