Side Effects

By  7th February 2014

Hello friends,

Having had 5 sessions of radiotherapy, some of the side effects are becoming rather wearing. Before entering my first treatment, the radiographer gave my parents and I a form, explaining that as a result of the radiotherapy, I may get some adverse effects, which included tiredness, a sore oesophagus when swallowing, a bad tummy and a patch of burnt skin where the radiotherapy lasers had entered and left my body. Nodding and “hmming”, we signed the consent and thought nothing of it.

That is until recently. I’ve never been so tired in my life – by this I mean that waking up in the morning hasn’t just become difficult, its become something I actually dread. Sleeping until 7a.m, before my treatment, I was an early bird, and never minded being woken up before the sun was up, but now, I’m sleeping until 2p.m and can barely stand the moment when my Mum walks in and attempts to force feed me my medicines. Straight back to sleep as soon as the tablets have slipped down my throat.

Don’t even get me started on the sore oesophagus, I mean, I didn’t even know this could be a problem. I woke up one morning, or should i say afternoon, with something that felt like heart burn, but when I tried to eat a bowl of tomato soup, I couldn’t. Now, I can live without most things, but food, is not one of them.  I downed some Rennies, indigestion sweets, and tried again, but it hurt so much. I still have it to this day, and it’s a struggle to eat and drink without burning –  how unlucky can one person be?

I do have a slightly sore patch on my back, a bit like sunburn, but unlike my other side effects, its not too troubling. I am coping, although as I mentioned earlier, I am SO tired and I struggle to function sometimes.

Anyway, thank you again for reading!

Cecilia-Joy xxx

As a side-note: I have finally done it, I have finally bought a tripod and filmed a video, and actually properly edited it and uploaded it to YouTube, so you should definitely go and check it out!

Here is a link to my channel, enjoy!

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