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By  9th November 2020
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Hello all,

It’s been a while since I have posted on the blog – the last being a now rather ironic post on New Years Eve addressed directly to 2020 in which I challenged the year to “hit me with its best shot”. I can confirm: it did.

2020, as we all know, is the year of Covid-19. It has been unprecedented in the way it has brought about an era of new challenges that we must all accept and tackle on a daily basis now. Coronavirus, synonymous with death and destruction, had forced upon us all a more restricted way of life (not that everyone has been complicit) and for many, has caused unimaginable loss and pain. For those who have been obliged to shield, the virus has brought isolation and loneliness. Thousands of businesses have has no choice but to close while many have found themselves unable to work, jobless and in many cases, desperate. All of this not helped by the too-ing and fro-ing of an indecisive and bumbling government. (Please see the bottom of the post for links to charities that may be able to help you if you are feeling low during these times.)

Despite the fractions within our small island that this disaster have caused, I have been continually delighted by the acts of generosity and kindness I have seen by those willing to go the extra mile for others. Captain Tom raising £32 million for the NHS, Marcus Rashford standing up against the government and advocating for free meals for children in the half-term and, notably, little 6-year old Tony Hudgell who collected £1 million for the Evelina London – a hospital where both our lives have been saved  – by walking 10k over 30 days on his prosthetic legs. You can donate to his just giving page here.

And of course, the tireless efforts of frontline and key workers such as NHS staff have been much of the reason we have been able to get through this virus so far – although we know that this is all far from over.

I am proud to say that despite the upheaval caused by this horrible virus, and being whipped away from Uni in March to shield, I managed to graduate with a first class honours degree –  even if I did submit my dissertation just 4 minutes before the deadline. I also celebrated my 10th heart transplant anniversary and my 21st birthday this year. So all in all, 2020 has been a big year for me.

Now, unemployed and living back home, I am searching for my first job within the journalism industry. In the meantime, I have begun posting regularly on my YouTube channel and now upload a video every Thursday (I say that – it can be any day between Thursday and Sunday but I try to be consistent). I am also volunteering as Communication Lead for a wonderful charity called We Are Donors that aims to promote organ donation through educating children and young people about how it works – every 2 months, my little team and I produce a newsletter that you can sign up to here and I post a blog on the website fortnightly. I am also now represented by a fantastic modelling agency called Zebedee who aim to increase representation of people with disabilities and visible differences.

I hope, like I have done with my YouTube channel, to become more consistent with my blog and start posting once a week. I though I’d kick it off with something simple, short and to the point but I have many exciting plans for my future posts so please do stay tuned.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and that my recap of 2020 didn’t dampen your mood too much. At least at the end of a desperate and horrid year that not many of us will treasure, we can say that the fat orange man is out. Thank god.

See you next Monday,

Cecilia-Joy x

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