The Making of my Mask

By  3rd February 2014

Hi everyone,

I experienced something strange today. I had to have a mask made of my face for my radiotherapy on my head that will start next Monday. Lying on the cold, hard surface of the CT scanner, gripping my Mum’s hand, the radiographer burst through the door holding a warm piece of bendable, flimsy mesh.  

“Ready?” he said, and before I had the chance to answer, he and his assistant stretched the piece of mesh over my face and screwed the sides into the table. With my eyes closed, i was unable to see anything and i was only able to breathe through the holes in the mesh.

I felt so claustrophobic and I didn’t want to let go of my Mum’s hand, but she and the radiographers left me alone in the room, with what felt like hot hands pressing down on my face. I couldn’t move and now I could hear the whoosh of the CT machine as I was slowly moved back and forth in the giant, metal doughnut that will tell the doctors how my tumours are behaving.

When the door reopened and my Mum and the hospital staff re-entered the room and removed the screws and I was able to take of my mask, I breathed a sigh of relief.

What I just explained was the making of my mapping mask for my radiotherapy. The mesh put on my face, dried after a few minutes, making a mould of my face, which the radiographers could then mark with tape and black pen so that when I have my radiotherapy, they know exactly where to put the lasers, hopefully destroying my tumours.

I hope that although this was a scary experience for me, you were able to read and enjoy it.

Dramatic, no?

Thank for reading, have a great day.

Cecilia-Joy xxxx

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