By  4th August 2014

Okay Guys,

I did have a blog post planned for today, but I’ve decided that it can wait. My head is about to explode and I need to get my thoughts down on paper before I SCREAM!

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD? Can someone please try and explain to me what is going on because at this moment, I feel ashamed to be a human being. Murder, war and hatred, the themes that make up most of the news lately. When sitting down in the evening to watch the news, I can only expect to see reports of death and crime, war and genocide, destruction and betrayal. It hurts me to think that the human race cannot be so civilised as to not harm each other or the beautiful planet we live on.

Human Beings, as far as we know, the most advanced species in the Universe. We have a duty to protect the world and each other but we are not. Some individuals believe they have the right to decide that some people are superior to others. We should not be fighting and killing each other but be supporting and helping one another. Acceptance should be natural and we should never judge people because of their race or religion. Terrorism is a threat that continuously hangs over us and war is something that is happening all the time. Murders are frequent and crime is far too common.

We cannot speak our minds through fear of others reactions. Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head for being an education activist and for speaking her mind. Power is craved by countries and world leaders causing violent wars and the death of thousands of innocent people. Today, a Malaysian Airlines’ passenger plane was supposedly shot out of the sky by rebels fighting in a war between two countries. The plane was blown to pieces and 295 people were needlessly killed. We shouldn’t be living in fear of each other, but live one peace and harmony, be open to other opinions and happy to share views without conflict or argument. There are no second chances. Once the human race is gone, there will most likely never be another. One precious life is given to everyone and people should live their lives to the full, the way the want to and not feel the need to interfere with others. Everyone is equal.

Not only are we destroying each other, we are destroying the only home we have: Planet Earth. Whether you believe in God or feel science is responsible for the Universe, you should know that the Earth is precious, the only one of its kind and indeed a gift. A gift given to the human race so that we can live and thrive and in return for this gift we must look after our beautiful home. We all hear about Global Warming and although it is not having a drastic or immediate effect on the way we live now, it could really effect the future. Toxic gases are being released into the atmosphere and the air we breath is becoming thick with poison. If we carry on the way we are, future generations will not know the Earth as we know it today.

I know that no matter what I, or anyone for that matter, says; things won’t change. It just makes me sad to think about the anarchy the world is in. I needed to tell you how I feel as I sit here, once again, watching the solemn and heartbreaking reports of war, death and crime.

Cecilia-Joy xxx

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