February, 2014


Hello Everyone!! I have had a brilliant weekend, probably one of the best I’ve ever had.  In previous blogs I mentioned...
By  25th February 2014

Brave for Beads!

Hi lovely people, I am pleased to say that yesterday I had my last, (hopefully ever), session of radiotherapy! I’m so...
By  18th February 2014

Fried Brain?!

Hello everybody, I haven’t posted in almost a week now because I’ve been in hospital again after reacting not so well...
By  15th February 2014

Side Effects

Hello friends, Having had 5 sessions of radiotherapy, some of the side effects are becoming rather wearing. Before entering my...
By  7th February 2014

Friendship Matters

Hey, I’ve been off school for a while now, meaning that socialising is something I have not done a lot of lately. I miss my...
By  4th February 2014