A Letter From A Hero

By  2nd December 2018

“I can say that what was written in that letter will stay with me forever”

Hello everyone,

I was sitting eating breakfast yesterday morning when my Mum handed me an inconspicuous looking letter. A simple white envelope – the address handwritten. I opened it up. Expecting a doctor’s letter – because that’s the only post I ever receive – I thought my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the all too familiar ‘NHS’ logo at the top of the page. But I was wrong.

I read the typed letter – shocked at was I was reading. I called my Mum over and surrounded by her, my Dad and my best friend (who happened to be staying over), I picked up the envelope again and took out another letter. A letter from a member of my donor family.

I won’t go into detail about what it said as I would like to protect my donor and their family’s privacy but I can say that what was written in that letter will stay with me forever. I cannot believe the courage it took for this person to write to me and I am so honoured they did – a hero as much as their relative that saved my life.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I had reading the beautifully written note. It was surreal to learn a little bit more about the stranger who saved my life – a hero beyond definition to me but simply a tragically lost loved-one to their family.

The gift of donation is strange. One family’s pain is another’s saviour. While one family weeps for what may have been, another weeps for what they will have in the future that they would never have dreamed of before. It’s one that can’t be matched.

My letter reminded me of this – the author was so eloquent and their words were simple but said so much. I’ll hold them forever in my head and heart and am so grateful that they chose to reach out to me.

I feel proud to have this person’s heart alive and beating in my chest. I want to nurture and care for it so that it lives on in memory of my saviour. It’s my duty, as the letter only convinced me of more, to live the best possible life I can in honour of someone whose was cut short.

Now, whenever I feel discouraged or unmotivated or I’m having a down day, I’ll take out my letter and remind myself why I’m alive and that this life I’ve been given isn’t just for me, it for my donor and their family too.

Remember to live your best life.

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See you next week,

Cecilia Adamou

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