Astronaut to Radio Presenter – Why It’s Okay That Physics Just Isn’t My Thing

Hello everyone, We all grow up with an idea of what we want to be one day. We idolise people like firemen, nurses and doctors,...
By  3rd April 2019

Talk Tuesdays – Week 5: Chats with Sam and The World Transplant Games

This week on my radio show/podcast, I chatted to fellow Newcastle University student and kidney transplant recipient Sam! We...
By  29th March 2019

On Our Doorstep – A Celebration of Life|The World Transplant Games

A huge gathering of people from all over the world… all connected by the gift of life, right here on our doorstep. Hello...
By  19th March 2019

Talk Tuesdays: Mental Health and The World Transplant Games

This week on my student radio show, Talk Tuesdays, I talk about mental health, and the World Transplant Games.
By  18th March 2019

The Future – Learning To Count The Memories and Not The Days

Every new day is a blessing but each one brings a new opportunity for something to go wrong The ‘Future’ is a strange...
By  1st March 2019