Prove Yourself Wrong!

By  15th March 2016

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the recent delay of blog posts again – unfortunately, according to my Mum, Dad, teachers, school, grades, A-levels, future university, future career,  future in general etc… (the list goes on) – work comes first. Who on earth made up that rule?  So, with the BIG EXAMS fast approaching, my posting is likely to be quite infrequent. But I honestly do try to post as often as I can and shall continue to do so.

Yesterday, with my school, I attended a UCAS convention which is designed to help students in year 12 start planning their higher education in terms of appropriate courses and future career prospects. In other words, its a huge room full of 150 Uni reps handing out ridiculously heavy,  300 page books of information (of which about 1 page is relevant to you), all with the intention of persuading you to apply for their University.  Other than being a generally stressful and back-breaking experience (carrying 8 prospectuses is not easy), it was a motivating and exciting one too.

Never had I really imagined that the day that I would be applying for Uni would actually come. I remember Melissa (my sister) doing the same and my thoughts at the time: “I’ll have to do this one day… wow – yeah, but not for ages so…… I wonder whose around today!” Oh, those were the days. The care free days of minimal homework and maximum play. But, unfortunately I couldn’t escape the inevitable process of growing up, so here I sit, knee deep in Uni prospectuses and a ton of very difficult decisions to make.

Firstly, to be totally honest, I never really thought, in the midst of “all the water under the bridge” as we like to call it (i.e. when I was at my worst, health wise), that I would even make it to Uni, so really, I’m pretty darn excited. Secondly, now that life, or God, or my guardian angel, or whoever, has given me this opportunity, I am completely, and totally going to snatch it while I can. I’m feeling so motivated – finally – it took a while.

I’m gonna work the hardest I’ve ever worked to prove something. However, I’m not bothered about proving anything to anyone else. I want to prove something to myself. I want to show myself that I can do what I set my mind to. I’ve struggled a lot in the past with lack of motivation for working or trying things, and at some of my darkest times, for life. The continuous cycle of one step forward and two steps back can really knock your confidence as many of you may know. But, life is going better now and the road is smoother. This has given me the chance to channel all of my energy into working towards my goals.

Going to the convention today showed me that my future is just within my reach. I’ve got my As and A2 exams to get through first but then, with luck and hard work, I will be going to Uni. And after Uni comes life. Real life. And you know what, I’m gonna smash it!

I don’t just want to be the girl who had the transplants and the tumours and the disabilities. I want to be the journalist, who, despite the transplants and the tumours and the disabilities, went to Uni and graduated with a 1st. Who worked herself silly to achieve the career of her dreams. Who proved to herself that no illness or bump in the road could prevent her from being her best. Who lived her life exactly how she wished she would. Who inspired others to never give up.

And so, here is my message for the day: Never giver up. I know it’s a cliche but no matter what happens or what you believe, if you think you can’t, prove yourself wrong:  you most definitely, certainly, 100% can!

Thank you,

Cecilia-Joy x

P.S. HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO MY COMPLETELY AMAZING BIG SISTER MELISSA! Thank you for doing everything first so I can learn from your mistakes before making my own (in most cases).


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