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So, a lot has happened…

Hello all, It’s been a while since I have posted on the blog – the last being a now rather ironic post on New Years...
By  9th November 2020

5 ways you can raise money for the Evelina London!

Here are 5 ways to raise money for the Evelina London for their 150th birthday!
By  4th February 2019

Turning A New Page – My Blog Is Evolving

I’m changing as a person so I feel it’s only right that my blog, in some ways, changes too. Hello everyone, Firstly,...
By  11th October 2018

8 Things 8 Years of Transplantation Have Taught Me

Hello guys, This month marks 8 years since my life was saved. In September of 2010, whilst lying in ICU, not knowing whether I...
By  26th September 2018