The Great Shave Reunion!

By  18th March 2015

Hello Readers!

Yes! Its actually me! Your eyes do not deceive you! I’m using my very real fingers to write this very real blog post! It makes me very happy to tell you all that it has been 1 year since my two best friends and I shaved off all of out hair, to raise money for charity! Between the moment of chopping of the first plait of my long, auburny brunette locks, and this very moment now, while I sit and type my thoughts, a lot has happened. If you placed the me then and the me now side by side, it would be hard to pick out many differences, when in fact, there are many, although most of them lie beneath the surface.

Firstly, there are the physical changes. The shave was just after I finessed Radio therapy  and my last session was in February. Weak and tired, going though treatment pushed my body to its limits, and by the time it was finished, I was underweight, low on energy, worn out and down. You wouldn’t believe the difference! Whether you know me personally or not, you can probably gather from the photos that I post and the manner that I write, that I am generally a bubbly and happy person who enjoys life and is becoming healthier and stronger by the day (despite the small setback of catching pneumonia this half-term- but I’m almost completely better now, just regaining the last bits of my strength and confidence, as it seems to knock you for six in EVERY way when you are poorly!)

Secondly, I feel that I have changed in ways that you cannot see straight away. Shaving my hair was a major thing for me to do. I have always loved my long brunette hair, and the moment I was told I was going to lose it was a very difficult one, not just for me, but for my family too. It didn’t help that at the time, the junior doctor who told me this devastating news also told me that my hair would never regrow, and that I would be bald forever. (Lets just say he got a little bit told off when his senior found out!) But anyway, the point of the story is that although I looked happy on the outside, and most of the time I was, it was still really hard shaving my hair off and unlike usual, not only did I feel different, but I looked different too. Although going through the process with my friends made nearly a million times better, it was odd and awful thinking that my hair wasn’t going to be back to normal for a very, very long time. I had already lost my hair once before! Could I wait another few years to be able to do beautiful plaits and messy buns. However, over the year, I have become more and more confident, and only recently, I have actually begun to like my hair, (and when I say like I mean like. I still have days where I would be happy to shave it all off again!) I’m becoming proud of myself and my image, not only my hair but the clothes I like to wear and the shape of my body. It feels wonderful to look in the mirror once in a while, and not hate the girl who stares back at me.

I thought I would post some pictures of the Great Shave Reunion that are all taken by the most lovely and talented photographer I have ever met, Laura O! You must check out her website: Her photos are absolutely beautiful!

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.39.35

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.39.19

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.39.26

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.40.02

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.39.45

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 19.39.56

I would finally like to say a massive thank you to all of you for all the support you have giving me throughout the past year. Also, thank you for reading my blog! I’m so busy with my GCSEs at the moment but I will try and post more often! I cannot believe I haven’t posted since Christmas!

I love you all so much.

Cecilia-Joy xxx

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